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What we do:

We are a professional construction company based in central Algarve, Portugal, offering quality building services and diversity across the region.

Our services are provided honestly and efficiently, with an assurance of total client satisfaction. Understanding our clients needs and requirements is vital to the success of every project.

Our knowledge of the Construction Industry obtained over the past 20+ years ensures a full understanding of the various stages of a building project; from planning, design & architecture, structures, specialist trades and building specifications. This results in a successful interpretation of our client's requirements, thus establishing a client / builder relationship based on confidence and trust. Our uncomplicated approach translates into an extremely personalized service with a very competitive edge.

Quality and Safety:

Quality workmanship is paramount to Teia Firme. Our commitment to the quality improvement process in all our new buildings or renovation projects is to determine our client's requirements and expectations, and meet or exceed those requirements and expectations EVERY TIME, by providing defect free services in a professional, safe and ethical manner.

It is standard policy at Teia Firme to:

​​Provide working conditions which are free from recognized hazards which may cause injury or illness.

Emphasize that employee safety and health are essential factors to consider in the workplace.

Hold supervisors and managers accountable for the safety performance of employees and the maintenance of a safe workplace.

Continuously monitor, evaluate, and improve safety programs designed to eliminate injuries and losses.

Train employees in safe work procedures and hazard recognition conforming to standards and regulations.

Enforce compliance with our safety rules, guidelines, and procedures by all employees and subcontract personnel.

Should you have any questions about our experience, code of practice or work ethic, please feel free to contact us.​​
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